Jolly, joy spreading fella!! By the power of Christmas magic fits his rather rotund posterior down the chimney where little darlings wait eagerly for his presents.
You better watch out,
You better not cry,
listen here I'm telling you why,
Because santa claus is coming to town.
by Dave and Lucy December 12, 2003
An old, fat guy who likes little kids sitting on his lap.
Santa is a pedofile....
by B.M.J. January 12, 2007
Benevelont cartoon character developed by Coca Cola in the early 1900's to help sell children into life-long product devotion. The secret ingredient is not inside the can of "soft drink", it is in the security all Santa devotees feel within themselves when they see the red and white coloring on the outside of the Coca Cola product. Empires are built from the water out.
"Forget oil, people are dying for Coca Cola and the big fat red guy they invented named Santa."
by Satan Clause December 25, 2003
A fat white guy who breaks into your house and eats your food.
HOLY SHIT! Santa ate all the cookies!
by sarah00009 November 07, 2010
1)A student counselor who does counseling for free and brainwash all the students and make them geeky nerds and selfish bastards. Guys who follow him are known as "SANTAS"

2)A guy/girl who follow the teaching of Santa(the counselor)
guy1 -"Dude what's up with peter? he's acting weird these days!"

guy2 -"The bastard has become a santa I guess, look at him he's become a bookworm now!"
by jeramylopez2 June 02, 2010
a fat old man who wears red and smokes a lot of pot which is why hes always laughing.

damn look at santas's shit!

santa be smokin that muthafuckin pot or he aint laughin

i hear santa give out shit for dem youngins
by 08ersk8erh8er January 11, 2004
Really a Mexican, Santa tricks the white people into believing he is white also. By doing this, it enables him to enter your house, and steal your food and/or other things. His "reindeer" are actually a band of armadillo, chihuahuas, and small Asian children. A sign he has been to your house is the smell of Corona and so off brand chips bought at Dollar General.
Child "Mom, what is that smell?"
Mom (Crying) "that's the smell of Christmas honey."
Child "Where are the presents?"
Mom "They are in the pawn shop by now. That stupid beaner Santa"
by Erik (kamanashi) December 23, 2008

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