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Adjective: dirty, unkempt, messy, slobby, unwashed

Noun: A slob; a person with poor hygene and shabby clothes who makes no effort to improve their appearance.
If you took a shower, shaved, and ironed your shirt, you wouldn't look so scrubby.
by bstokes June 12, 2006
A person who totally sucks at Call of Duty games. Especially on Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.
"Dude You're scrubby!! Hop off the schmeck! Stop camping there you tryhard!!!.

If you dont know what a scrubby is then YOU sir are a SCRUBBY :)
by qH x Nation April 11, 2011
a small person who's only use in life is to suck off a larger persons penis
oh, i see you've got yourself a little scrubby
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
the fuckin weird kid with ADD that runs around the dorm in a white ninja costume and plays video games nonstop. gives blowjobs to fat red-headed slobs. the kid you feed beef stick dog treats to.
"there goes scrubby... sneaking around in his raiden hat and speaking japanese again"
by mer October 14, 2004
can be used to replace anything..
your scrubby
= your kool etc
by jen December 13, 2004
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