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A piece of furniture in a home or ski lodge, or anywhere that can be heated.

They are mostly used during the winter or a time of extreme coldness.

They are also used if a home does not have a heater installed.

"Light the fireplace. It's cold in here."
by Aeropostale Rules December 04, 2007
A bowl which you smoke marijuana from.
"Man, check out this new fireplace I got it's sure to fill your chimney with smoke."
by Altoecko July 10, 2008
verb, a word used to describe a couple sharing a single sofa next to a fire place with 2 cups of hot coco with a lit fire place while interacting at the same time such as but not limited to : reading, talking, cuddling, etc
i wish i can fireplace someone right now
by BIoTeCH September 14, 2005
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