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Slang originated and spoken in St. Louis, made famous by Nelly of the St. Lunatics.

A lady with a large behind. Big, thick, booty.
"is that yo ass or yo mama half reindeer" {Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly}
by Chanooziller April 10, 2008
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An animal that pulls Santa's sleigh.
Look at those reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh!
by Mrs. Claus August 26, 2006

1. a large assed woman
2. not good
Pickle flavored ice cream is reindeer.
That woman is a reindeer.
by alfonso May 04, 2004
First Originated in Palm Springs.

An older gay male cougar

A predatory gay male in search of a cub
That reindeer is totally on the prowl in the club for a fresh cub.

Palm Springs is home to many retirees and reindeer.

That Reindeer and his cub are totally making out in public
by Kyle aka Time Machine January 03, 2012
A term for black people from a conversation in the book Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
Harry and his wife talked about the "reindeer problem", trying to avoid offending their maid. Grace suggests moving to Maui, and so they did.
by Neoshade October 23, 2013
In Estonia, fat finnish tourists who drink a lot of beer and waste money, yell on the streets, are called reindeers.
Person1: "Look at those morons!"
Person2: "They're finnish, that is reindeers."
Person3: "Damn reindeers, they're everywhere!"
by Nazgul September 02, 2006
A slang term referring to a police car with large, antler like protrusions coming from the top of the vehicle.
Driver: " Fuck i've got a reindeer on my ass."

Onlooker: " Damn... fuckin' reindeer got another one."
by Spendeezy January 26, 2010

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