The fattest, oldest pimp this side of the north pole.
Santa has three hoes. Damn that's jolly.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
That guy that doesn't exist
little kid: "Dad, wheres Santa?"
Drunken Dad: "That fat bastard ain't real, go back to bed"
little kid: (dreams officially crushed)
by dreamcrushedboy December 23, 2010
not real.
Santa isn't real
by Eggie g December 06, 2012
A hobo's excuse to dress exotically and whip out his sack for small children.
Santa: "Boy do I have a surprise for you in my sack."
by santaslittleelfbuddy November 25, 2011
Jesus's Worst Enemy
Oh snap. it's Santa!
by HEHEHEHEHEITSMATT December 13, 2010
(n)Story about a mythologically large and generous man with flying reindeer which ones parents tell their children in order to confuse them further into a state of catholic bliss; (n)the overweight underpaid pauper who in december wears a red suit and lets little children sit on his lap in the mall; (n)a costume fat men can wear to get chicks to sit on their lap
On Christmas Eve daddy comes home in a big red suit from the mall with five dollars for everyone and then when everyone goes to bed happy mommy always moans, "Santa!" Daddy just says, "Ho Ho Ho."
by riz December 22, 2003
Santa as he appears today is an advertising device created by CocaCola company. His origins lie in history.

Of particular note is his incarnation as St. Nicholas. Translate this into another language - Santa Claus. Santa is not a respelling of Satan, but a Spanish translation of saint - note the towns and cities with Santa in the name (e.g. Santa Barbara).

Santa in his present incarnation does tend to skew the meaning of Christmas into a self-centred greed, rather than a celebration of love.
Santa has appeared in many different incarnations around the world, throughout history.
by Altruism December 27, 2006
the old guy who
:roots ya mum
:pretend to let little kiddies sit on his lap at the shoppin centre
:leaves some shit on you lawn in the mornin
:takes the last bit of milk and cookie when you wanted em
santa "ho ho ho"
your mum "im not a ho but ill fuck ay anyways"
santa "oh jolly i want to take a dump in your sack"
by busted boy November 11, 2004

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