Andy Flynn
oh god it's that scouse numpty again
by geoff titman January 31, 2003
a man who is the eqivalent to a blonde or bimbo

The villiage idiot

'shit that cop has just caught that guy with crack'

'Wat a Numpty'
by LuciB June 05, 2007
though recently adopted to simply mean 'idoit, fool, muppet' Numpty is a medical word for the small section of skin in the female gentials between the vagina and anus.
'nice numpty' quite a mouthfull
by mattaeus rose August 05, 2005
Description of person who can't create a second page in a booklet in MS Word
Oh, Pavlina, you numpty, you're doing ma heed in!
by CH August 24, 2004
Someone who does not know what a Numpty is - typically based in the Good Ol' US of A.
Frequently works for someone like Joe from the Button Factory and sometimes has long blonde hair
by UK Friends July 27, 2004
you are born a numpty you cant just become one.

Stolenbaby is the Queen of numpties
numpty has many differeemnt ways of insulting, humouring and or complimenting a person.

by Toni Jordan aka Stolenbaby July 17, 2004
A certain person who works 9 days on and 5 days off at our place of work.
Those numpty flexi workers are useless.
by franky July 11, 2004

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