Slightly ditzy and insane to the point that no object is safe.
What sort of numpty are you
by S Chilton March 02, 2003
No kiddin'. A numpty is a wee gob stopper ( for you English a small round hard sweet similar in size to an aniseed ball). I've had a box.
Stop sookin' all those numpties - you'll get plukes and you're ugly enough
by Frank Hughes December 12, 2003
A denizen of Acomb North Yorkshire, who sports an institutional haircut, has hands like shovels and makes indiscriminate hog noises.
Eeeeh, you numpt-eh!
by meark October 27, 2003
Plural form of the word numpty. If you collect enough together you can form an SWS UK. When correctly abused they will produce oh oh spaghetti ohs which will result in products being not completely ready.
The numpties have f*@ked it up again!
by Ben September 19, 2003
anyone who would pronouce word this as nump-tee
Should be nump-tay
you are a complete numpty, you can't even pronounce the word.
by Robbie the pict August 01, 2003
Noun: Numpty
Adjective: Numptious
Adverb: Numptiously
Verb: to Numpt........
Noun phrase: "the height of numptiousness!"
Definition: Some-one who spends their time declining avant-garde vernacular into imaginary grammatical components.......

Yeah that means....... errr me!
by Stu Pid February 09, 2004
The piece of flesh between your A*** Hole and your Private parts.
I had the runs so bad it was dribbling down my numpty
by Nik January 22, 2004

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