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When a person who can't stop talking and what they are talking about is non sense or bullshit they are is refered to as "dribbling".
Jeff: "He said he fucked four chicks all at once."
Bob: "Did you tell him he was dribbling."

"Tom was dribbling so I knocked him the fuck out!"
by PotatoChip May 23, 2003
when a female wetness is goin down between her thighs
when Adam was going down on her , jessy was dribbling
by mandy84 November 28, 2006
Controlling he ball across the pitch, by keeping it close to the feet and veering it away from tackles from opposing players.
"David Beckham dribbled that argentinian instead of focussing on playing the game, consequently we lost the match and the tournement."
by Container October 12, 2003
1. What the elderly do when they reach a level of senility otherwise defined as "unable to control all physical function".

2. What basketball players do when moving to avoid a travelling violation; akin to "bouncing".

3. What sloppy girls do after finishing fellatio.
1. That old guy is dribbling applesauce everywhere, and appears to think that I'm his grand-nephew.

2. Shaq is dribbling the ball all over the court.

3. That hooker is dribbling cum all over the motel room.
by Al October 27, 2003
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