Something large, obvious and outdated, designed for idiots to use
The numpty buttons on the screen make the application simple to use and easy to navigate
by The Doc July 15, 2003
An 80 year old vintage glider pilot who thinks it's ok to thermal below 800' on a ridge
"What are those numpties doing over that ridge?"
by Jim July 14, 2003
a funding officer who loses track of project spending and lands everyone in the shit
him, yes thats right, the numpty!
by barella July 11, 2003
Small and rotund. Abused and loved.
"Where's my numpty?"
by Numpty buy July 08, 2003
A term of endearment used by members of an IT team in an electricity company used to describe their now ex-boss.
What's Numpty on about now?
by MILLA03 aka Stuart Millard May 29, 2003
****-bag; a total douche; Stuck up froggin' old bag.
That douche is such a numpty!
by Nathan April 25, 2003
20 stone,15 month old toddler,with 300 teeth and congealed snot/drool oozing from every facial orafice.
offspring of elton john
by mr. e. john April 17, 2003

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