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Delectable blood-meat. Fills our bellies and satisfies our hungers, it does.
Lord Nym is a grade A Asskicker.
Find me FLESH!
by Dr. Asskickist September 08, 2003
Another name for a pretty white girl.
Sam: "Look at all the flesh at that table!"

Josh: "Well lets go make some new friends."
by Fitch Guy August 28, 2011
Nummy meat.
Your flesh looks appetizing, Clarice.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 27, 2003
A delightful snack or something that can be eaten for a meal.
Hey mom, do we have any FLESH!!!
No, but we do have some cereal
oh, well, i want some nice FLESH!!!
Well, i do have this nice, plump, juicy meaty ar- um, whay are u looking at me like that, and y are u drooling, an OH MY GOD GET AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jesse Werk May 07, 2005
Its whats for dinner
wow mom, this FLESH sure is delightful
by Jesse Werk May 04, 2005
To beat someone up, mess up, or fuck someone up, to "dust" someone.
Note: Blood must be present.
I will Flesh your ass!
Johnny just got fleshed!
by Jimmy June 14, 2006
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