Known throughout Essex as "A Morgan"
I'll just have to bin and grear it
Having a laugh at my suspense
by Matt June 14, 2004
Someone who has a strange way round of doing and saying things. A Member of a well formed stage crew in England. Hence the nick name
James you Numpty!!!
by James Gray May 25, 2004
An excellent beer (OG1044 4.2% abv)brewed at the microbrewery of The Ram’s Head, Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire HX6 2AZ.
Have too many and you turn into one....
glug.... burp..........
by Ian Hamer November 27, 2003
A word used to describe someone from Congleton who drives a Silver Hyundai sports car.
Look at him - he's a right numpty
by Bad Dobby October 31, 2003
A short grey haired easily irritated Citizens Advice Bureau Advisor
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
a stoner named ackey dwyer
dont need one..he's a numpty
by hoolie July 25, 2003
Someone with the surname Murphy who tries all day to piss everyone off.
Phil, you are a numpty.
by Denumptificator July 18, 2003

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