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glasgow slang, somone who is daft.
here ya dafty, get stabbed.
by jackshaw8 April 16, 2005
Someone who is unconventional , fun and good company.
He's a gid laugh him he doesn't give a monkey's about anything he's a right a right dafty that yin.
by Peasel February 16, 2010
(Scottish Slang)

One who is daft, (stupid, thick, not very intelligent)
Your a pure dafty.
by Portera June 05, 2009
Dafty is Glasgow slang for someone being an idiot or being stupid.
Ohy you ya dafty get back here.

eegit twatmoronplonker
by Shazx July 10, 2014
An individual who is not very smart.
Randon Person 1: "What's the score mate?"

Random Person 2: "Haw, check the scoreboard you dafty cunt"
by G November 23, 2003
A Hibee
Someone who supports the scum
Please also see schemey, numpty or steamer
Person 1: Alright mate, what fitba team do you support?
Person 2: Hibs!
Person 1: Ya fuckin dafty!
by Paul McGregor August 13, 2004

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