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When you are found being a nerd, dork, or loser. When you are found doing something corny.
Jess: James, You should watch Pokemon with me tomorrow afternoon.
James: Jess, you are so caught for watching Pokemon, nerd.
by mikeyphilly05 October 05, 2005
1) the act of being walked in on while engaging in masturbation
will's mom caught him again I guess we wont be seeing him for a while
by 411 j00r b453 r b310ng 2 m3 n00b5 September 14, 2004
Seen in commiting a moronic or embarrassing act.
What the fuck are you doing Billy? You're Caught!
by Machony Leeoun November 10, 2003
oh man;to be dissed;screwed
Jack's girl found him cheating on her,he is so caught.
The girl told him to shut up, he got caught.
by goodies March 10, 2005
An adjective describing someone who is uncool or a loser. It is the opposite of the word sly, meaning cool or smooth.
Yo, that jerk is wicked caught, he just stole my girl!
by The Creator March 14, 2004
crossed-up (as in basketball)
damn son, j-webb jist crossed that other BMODL
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
What Mack Lee was when his mom came in and saw him leeowning his friends (see leeowned)
Mack got caught by his mom
by dank sewage November 28, 2003

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