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Somebody who believes that, by mouse clicking repeatedly on an icon or button, he/she will make the computer/website respond faster.
Sadly, this behavior can actually make a computer run slower. Often, the clickaholic knows this, but can't control the compulsion to click obsessively anyway.
Clickaholics are also known to apply the same philosophy in analagous situations, such as pressing the return key.
Clickaholic: click click click click
Computer: ......
Clickaholic: Dammit! Why won't this program open already??
Computer: .....
Clickholic: click CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!!!
by creaternity April 15, 2006
A substitute for the word "use" to be employed when you want to make something sound more important or difficult than it really is.
Person says: "We utilize an alphabetical schematic to organize our records."
Translate: "We file documents alphabetically."
by creaternity March 21, 2006
A hovering & controlling, but well-meaning, parent who gets way too involved in her child's life to the point of doing things that are completely inappropriate, such as personally attending all of little Sweetiepie's extracurricular activities, writing medium-sized Sweetiepie's school application essays, and submitting full-grown Sweetiepie's job applications.
Suzy's job interview was rendered very awkward by the fact that her helicopter mom insisted on accompanying her.

Joey moved across the country to escape his helicopter mom, but she still calls him six times a day.
by creaternity November 19, 2006
Someone who has an obsession with fancy writing implements and typically uses a different strange pen every day, or even every hour.
You can spot a pen slut easily if his/her desk contains at least a dozen Pilot Precisions, PhD retractables, Signo Gelsticks, or swank souvenir pens. If you ask the pen slut to borrow one, he/she will probably fish around for a Bic ballpoint rather than let you waste the precious ink of, say, his/her teal Y&C Gel Xtreme 0.7
I am a pen slut; on my desk at work, I have five pencil cups containing 84 pens. My favorites are the Marvy Gel Excels and the San Fran one with the moving cable car in the barrel. No, you CANNOT borrow it.
by creaternity April 18, 2006
A guy who drives a cab.
This guy often doesn't speak much English, but he may have been a brain surgeon in his home country (Ukrania, Cambodia, Eritrea, pick one) so give him a little respect, especially if he drives like a total bad ass.
It's rude not to tip the cabbie, unless he almost gets you killed or doesn't give you an honest fare.
by creaternity May 28, 2006
A heinous, but useful microsoft tool for putting together presentations of slides/viewgraphs.
This little piece of sh -- I mean, software comes with MS Office and it features creepy templates and clipart, your helpful friend Clippit and strategic incompatibilities with previous versions of itself.
It masquerades as a graphics program, but cannot touch Adobe in any way shape or form, so it is instead as annoyingly incompatible with Adobe as possible.
Also, it will HOG all your SWAP SPACE.
Person: Instead of doing real technical work, I spent all day making powerpoint slides out of my results, only to have the software freeze my computer after a few hours.
by creaternity May 02, 2006
A person who is not only cheap, but also foists his cheapness on others in irritating ways.
The dude who brings TWO PBRs to a BYOB party and then drinks six pilsners is a cheapass. This is probably the same guy who doesn't want to evenly split the bill at a restaurant because your food cost $33 and his only cost $30.
by creaternity May 19, 2006
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