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A cause to hit someone when you see a yellow car
Person 1 : "yellow car!" *punch*
Person 2 : "owwww! where? i didnt see it!"
by fear_the_hair June 19, 2005
Something Niko Bellic (GTA) says when calling a cab while drunk. He also says other things too.
Niko calling for a cab, drunk: YELLOW CAR!
by somethingrandom97 July 23, 2011
A declaration made upon seeing a yellow car. Believed that for every car you see and call out first you will be obtain 5 more minutes of sex in your life. May cause extreme competitiveness between associates, possibly resulting in anger and violence.
Friend 1: Hey is that a...
Friend 2: YELLOW CAR!
Friend 1: Damnit! (punches Friend 2 in arm)
by A-Master Dizzle March 12, 2008
Something you yell when you see a yellow car. Especially when you're on a road trip and you're bored.
"yellow car!"
by It's Me Bby * June 28, 2009
A car game like punch buggie, were if someone in the car sees a yellow car they can punch the other passangers.
"Yellow car!" *punches driver in the arm*
by rsn October 15, 2014
1) An excuse to do something that would usually have no legibal excuse.

2) A name for someone who is mean.

3) A way of saying someones actions were mean.
1) Judge: You have been accused of murdering two of you friends by pushing them on the road during busy trafic. What do you have to say for your self?
Person: Yellowcar.
Judge: Oh well then your free to go.

2)Bitchy Girl: That Bianca is such a fucking Yellowcar...

3) Person: Did you here what Missy did to Daren? Man she totally Yellowcar'd him!
by Who-Left-The-Door-Open January 04, 2006
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