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to be rather depressed about a certain issue or problem
kevin was rather bummed about how his relationship finished with jenny.
#bummed #depressed #shattered #confused #dissapointed
by BennyBoy89 December 22, 2007
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bummed is another word for disappointed
i was pretty bummed when she dumped me
#disappointed #sluggish #upset #down #bummed out
by fit_gash June 16, 2008
To be anally invaded without consent.
When I was in the all male prison, no-one would pick up the dropped soap for fear of being bummed by Mr Big.
by auslander January 26, 2004
stuck in a funk
I'm all bummed about our team's lame performance yesterday
by Anonymous March 02, 2002
hanging around doing nothing
procrastinating, or acting lazy and not doing anything
Boy: what did u do on the weekend?
Girl: Just bummed, drank alot....
#hanging around #bumming around #lounging around #chilling #dozzing #chill
by tobiaswunner March 14, 2011
Someone (or something) that has been "got at" by a bummer. Past tense of bumming.
Clarence was bummed repeatedly by the bigger boys when he failed to give them his lunch money, or when they felt like bumming him for laughts.
by Michael April 15, 2004
To get spit over the end of a ciggaret, joint etc and make it wet. Often a classic for people who smoke to be cool rather than the actual pleasure or it.
"hey man, you have totally bummed this spliff"
#bummed #smoke #weed #bumed #toke #hash #cigarette
by Dark Immortal November 05, 2007
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