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the vile draft of B.O. that surrounds a person with poor hygiene or poor grasp of the deoderant concept
You can smell Landphil's pitwind coming long before he's in sight.
by creaternity May 05, 2006
pronounced "shwe" (as in feng shui)

adjective used to describe something that is pleasing, stylish, cool, or excellent usually by virtue of the way it looks
"Those shoes are really shui. Where did you get them?"
by creaternity March 24, 2006
the phenomenon of getting imprinted lines on your face from sleeping on bunched up blankets, pillows, or other textured surfaces; often accompanied by bed head
You could tell he literally just rolled out of bed before class because he was sporting some serious blanket face and eye boogers
by creaternity August 10, 2006
One of those damn toilets that flushes automatically, usually found in public restrooms. There's a little "eye" in the back (yes, creepy) that is supposed to sense when you get off the can so it can flush for you, just in case you are one of those doochebags who doesn't know how the little lever works. (Who ARE the people who DON'T flush???) Unfortunately, the "eye" often makes mistakes, causing the toilet to flush prematurely, thus splashing one's posterior with toilet water. Yuck.
Coworker 1: I hate the flushinator.
Coworker 2: Yeah, tell me about it. The one in the third stall gave my boys a douche this morning.
by creaternity July 08, 2006
A writing utensil containing "gel" ink, which resembles a liquidy paint that can be applied to almost any surface and comes in every possible color you can imagine from metallic orange, to sparkly purple, to glow-in-the-dark green. This newest and greatest pen technology is comfortable to use because it requires little hand pressure, but often the ink takes a bit long to dry.
Gel pen manufacturers include: Marvy, Sanford, Zebra, Pilot, and Sakura.
Signing my mortgage was so much more fun with a iridescent blue gel pen.

Any true pen slut owns at least ten different gel pens.
by creaternity April 18, 2006
What sailors call their foul weather gear, which consits of a raincoat rainpants combo, among other accessories.
My overall foulies look dorky, but they sure do keep me dry on the deck when it storms.
by creaternity September 29, 2006
A cat networking site, similar to friendster, where a cat can have a webpage containing photos, hobbies, and a friends list.
No, I am not kidding. It exists.
Also, there is a dogster. Same purpose, but for dogs.
Lame Internet Addict: Wow, my cat has more friends on catster than I have on friendster! How did this happen???
L.I.A.'s cat: Let's face it, pal. I am way cuter than you.
by creaternity April 11, 2006
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