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Someone who is obsessed with fancy writing implements and typically uses a different strange pen every day or even every hour.
You can often tell a pen slut by looking at his/her desk: if there are more than 20 Pilot Hi-Precisions, PhD retractables, Marvy Sparklers, and/or fancy souvenir pens, that's a sign. Also, if you ask a pen slut to borrow a pen, he/she will likely rummage around for a Bic ballpoint rather than allow you to use a masterpiece such as his/her Y&C Gell Extreme 0.7 with teal ink.
I am a pen slut; on my desk at work, I have three five-compartment pencil cups that hold a total of 84 pens. My favorites are the Marvy Gel Excels and the San Fran one with the moving cable car in the barrel. No you CANNOT borrow them.
by creaternity April 18, 2006
noun. A church that has been converted into commercial offices in a not-so-subtle manner
adj. Describing a building that was clearly once a church and is now an office building.

Close cousin of the chondo, a church that has been converted into condos.
To get to the adult video store, go down the street and take a right at the choffice. Can't miss the neon sign two blocks up on the left.

My dad works in a choffice building on Main Street; Ironic, considering that he's the CFO of an HMO.
by creaternity April 17, 2006
What soybeans become once they are fermented with vinegar and fungus. This supposedly edible concoction smells vaguely like ammonia and tastes mostly like ass. Some people refer to it as a meat substitute, but don't believe them.

Die-hard Vegetarian: Hey, man, want some of my tempeh?
Other person: Nah. Maybe if I were starving to death.
Die-hard Vegetarian: Dang. I don't want my tempeh either....
by creaternity April 11, 2006
noun. A condominium in a building that was clearly once a church
adj. Describing a building that was clearly once a church and is now a parsed residence.

Close cousin of the choffice, a church that has been converted into offices.
My boyfriend's chondo is in the former rectory of a church, which is bad for my sex life since, everytime we get down to it, I think about going to confession with Father Flanagan.
by creaternity April 17, 2006
(noun) a fire hydrant
Woo hoo! A parking spot! Doh. Nevermind. It's a damn plug.
by creaternity July 04, 2006
BILF is BOSS I'd Like to Fuck.
The whole point of having the acronym (like MILF) is that it's a bit taboo.
My BILF works me really hard. Yeah, baby.

Oooh, the BILF is coming! Time for me to stand by the copier and look cute....
by creaternity June 09, 2006
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