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the annoying paper clip of microsoft progreams that asks you annoying questions when you dont need help
clippit: i see you are writing a suicide note. can i help?
by Paul Cook November 23, 2004
Clippit: The small retarded little office assistant used by microsoft at the most innappropriate times.

Directions to kill: go to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11
and delete any .acg and .acs files you can see

I will not be held responsible if this crashes your computer because it doesn't need an excuse to crash it can manage quite well on its own.
Clippit: You don't appear to be writing a letter
Me: Go away
Clippit: I think you should, letters are fun
Me: No. Go away
Clippit: First start with a word like sponge...
Clippit: Then try a word like muffin, I like muffins...
Me: -breaks down in tears-
by The Four Pulses of the Apocalypse October 26, 2005
(pronuncination-an-oy-ing) The most fujin annoying thing microsofe EVER made. It pops up just when you dont need it to piss you off once more
Clippit:How may i help you?
Me:Yaaaarrrrgggghhhh diiiieeee
by blkmage12 November 13, 2004
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