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To break the hymen, or skin barrier covering a woman's vagina, typically with a pointed object such as the penis.
She bled for hours after he popped the cherry with his needle.
by urban pervert April 21, 2003
1491 572
to break the skin barrier in a girls vagina and cause her to bleed, using either the penis or the fingers
He fingered me so hard that I blead from my vagina.
by hvfunsex February 04, 2004
975 731
To take someone's virginity. usually used in reference to breaking the hymen surrounding a virgin female's vagina, but also used in reference to gay sex and the first penetration of the anus. Term usually not used for female anal sex.
-I'm gonna pop the cherry on that gal!
-Dude, that's a guy.
-Same difference, as long as i pop something!
by mash92587 October 23, 2005
883 716
to break the hymin during sexual intercorse
I fucked the shit out of this virgan last night and she screemed so hard so woke the dead
by John Nash May 01, 2003
657 816
to cause a girl to lose her virginity
"I had sex wit dis virgin last night man i popped her cherry so hard!!!"
by Namelessone April 22, 2003
313 643