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A perjorative towards Republicans in the wake of the Mark Foley scandal.
ReNAMBLAcans is one of the ways the Democrats plan to take the House in 2006.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
The at least one hippie in every undergraduate classroom, who spends all their time in that class talking hippie shit and being generally arrogant. Ironically they usually become Republicans after graduating.

Sometimes shortened as D.H., a reference to the designated hitter rule in baseball.
Oh geez did you hear what the fucking designated hippie said in class today? Worst thing is it had nothing to do with what was going on in class.
by Sam is a Dick October 12, 2006
A massive bowel movement that talks like a crackwhore halway through a botched deep throat and is mentally inferior to my ball bag.
Oy burrito night was brutal, I gotta go take a massive Imus.
by Sam is a Dick March 21, 2007
A small college in Northampton, MA where muff is everyone's favorite food.
Don't bother talking to that girl, she goes to Muff College.
by Sam is a Dick January 31, 2007
To eat pussy, so called because it smells like tuna.
Baby I wanna take you home and toss the tuna salad all night.
by Sam is a Dick October 31, 2006
To take an expensive RV, with all the amenities, into the woods and spend the entire time inside the vehicle.
Jew #1: What's the difference between Jew camping and staying home?

Jew #2: What?

Jew #1: No, I was seriously asking you.
by Sam is a Dick October 14, 2006
A Scotsman, so named due to the rural nature of the traditional Scottish economy and the predominance of sheep herding.
That William Wallace was a sheepshagger if ever I saw one.

Why do Scotsmen wear kilts? Sheep can hear zippers.
by Sam is a Dick October 23, 2006

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