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55 definitions by Sam is a Dick

An erection in briefs.
Dude I've gotta get boxers, your mom keeps giving me a chafer.
by Sam is a Dick October 28, 2006
8 133
Proof that wealth can't buy class.
I gotta get into the fake jewelry business, all the retards buying bling I'll never go broke.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
119 244
A person with PDD, named after the movie Rain Man.
The reason I rock back and forth is because I'm a rainperson.
by Sam is a Dick October 23, 2006
4 130
A party held by white high-school kids in the affluent suburbs where they listen to the latest rap CDs and try desperately to be black.

In this case whig is short for whigger.
Two black guys showing up for fifteen minutes before leaving because it's lame does not change the fact that it's a whig party.
by Sam is a Dick October 29, 2006
16 144
A hardon for Asians. This is a common affliction among white guys.
The Beatles were a great rock group til John caught the rice fever and it was all over.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
30 158
A lesbian, so called due to their desire to eat muff.
Don't waste your time with that girl, she's a total muff maiden.
by Sam is a Dick October 31, 2006
8 137
A series of tubes, definitely not a truck, intended for porn porn porn.
Ted Stevens from Alaska is the foremost expert on the internet.
by Sam is a Dick December 05, 2006
24 157