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Anyone who disagrees with you, especially on the internet. Also used by high schoolers to refer to cops.
Me and that other guy called each other Nazis on the chat room for two hours, I'm not quite sure how that happened in the Kirk vs. Picard chat.

Man that Nazi cop told me to stop keying cars. What a fucking Nazi.
by Sam is a Dick April 27, 2007
A major dick. That's really all there is to say about it.
If I was Superman I'd go to the scene of a major tragedy and just stand about not helping anyone for the fun of it.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
Someone who is somehow a n00b at being Jewish. A j00b may be uncircumcised, eat pork regularly, or have no strong religious beliefs.
Dude you left that penny on the ground, you are such a j00b!
by Sam is a Dick November 10, 2006
When you help your friend get laid.
Hey buddy thanks for hooking me up with Karen, you totally get a run batted in.
by Sam is a Dick May 15, 2007
The result of playing too much WoW in a single sitting.

Symptoms include:

Eye strain
Pale comlexion
Cold clammy skin
Weight loss or gain
Unwashed smell
Lack of any kind of social life
I had a WoWverdose over the weekend, I need to detox.
by Sam is a Dick October 10, 2007
The weight loss that sometimes accompanies playing of WoW.
Wow, I forgot to eat again! It's the WoW diet.
by Sam is a Dick September 11, 2007
Leet In Game, Pwned In Real Life.
In game Angrifier's level 70 orc mage was the terror of the noobs.

In real life he went to the hospital after trying to masturbate with raw chicken.

by Sam is a Dick September 23, 2007

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