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When you can't actually argue with someone based on facts so you just make fun of them instead.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone are too stupid to actually argue global warming based on science, so they decided to manbearpig Al Gore.
by Sam is a Dick March 02, 2007
Something you plant in the office of the guy whose job you want.
Thanks to child pornography I made CEO faster than anyone in company history.
by Sam is a Dick March 02, 2007
Someone who believes that the government is evil but giant corporations would never do anything bad.
Someone who believes that a company's right to make money is more important than the people's right to breathe.
Someone who gets indignant when I kick him in the nuts for blowing smoke in my face.
Someone ranting about the government, usually from the back of a cop car.
The grown up (sort of) equivalent of a kid punching his fist in the air and saying "if you get hit it's your own fault."
Someone too stupid to whack off and pass gas at the same time.
John says he refuses to pay his taxes because he's a Libertarian. The judge didn't share his perspective.
by Sam is a Dick March 28, 2007
Someone who believes that they can cure someone of that which is the essential core of their nature, rather than deal with the social difficulties and related problems.
In another generation the curebies would probably have wished to cure left-handedness.
by Sam is a Dick October 19, 2006
Winner, ten years in a row, of the largest adam's apple contest.
That Ann Coulter is better hung than a horse, and uglier.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
A word used by nutjobs to refer to anyone who doesn't buy into their crackpot theories
A: "9/11 was a government conspiracy, the buildings were brought down by dynamite"
B: "Can you prove it?"
A: "Shut up you don't get it you're a brainwashed sheeple just wait til the CIA and the Jews and the Freemasons get you!!"
by Sam is a Dick October 15, 2006
The final stage of gay denial. These guys shower together, they slap each other on the ass, they fall asleep next to each other after all night drinking and talking about how much they love each other. But if you happen to be wearing a tie they call you a fag.
Frat boy 1: "Hey let's go play some touch football then shower together and slap each other on the ass."

Frat boy 2: "I'm there dude. Everyone who isn't in a frat is gay."

Frat boy 1: "Shut up and keep sucking."
by Sam is a Dick February 28, 2007

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