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A Scotsman, so named due to the rural nature of the traditional Scottish economy and the predominance of sheep herding.
That William Wallace was a sheepshagger if ever I saw one.

Why do Scotsmen wear kilts? Sheep can hear zippers.
by Sam is a Dick October 23, 2006
It's like porn for autistics.
Man last night I went on Wikipedia and found so many facts I creamed my new jeans.
by Sam is a Dick December 25, 2006
A fireworks store with a meth lab in back.
Everyone in New Hampshire is thinking about how they'd like to be out of New Hampshire.
by Sam is a Dick November 22, 2006
Strong Teen Using Democracy
Mark Foley enjoys spending time with young STUDs.
by Sam is a Dick October 24, 2006
The name speaks for itself. Someone who gets around and not in a glorious way. The kind of person you're reluctant to shake hands with if you're not wearing both rubber gloves and a space suit.
Don't go out with that girl. Sure she's easy but she's a walking canister of every disease ever transmitted sexually.
by Sam is a Dick May 07, 2007
Usually the place in town with the most drugs.
Man I'm all out of the good stuff, I'd better head to the drug free zone.
by Sam is a Dick May 18, 2007
The man who helped birth heavy metal, reshaped the musical landscape of the world, but was too drugged up to notice.

He didn't so much do drugs as majored in them, and got tenure.

And before you click on thumbs down I love the Ozzman and would totally give him my kidneys (he'll probably be needing those soon with everything he's put in his system).
"I've been fakking doing what for the past 40 years? Fakking sweet."
-Ozzy Osbourne
by Sam is a Dick March 25, 2007

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