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A neurotypical with just enough autistic traits to be tolerable.

These positive traits include:
Not needing to make small talk
Not playing head games
Not playing office politics
Prefering function over prettiness
Not complaining that you hurt their feelings every five seconds
Willingness to discuss things over e-mail rather than phone (bonus points if they prefer this)

In time it is hoped that these neurotypicals might learn to pass for aspie.
This website was designed by a really high-functioning neurotypical, you can tell because it actually works.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
Not a nickname for oral sex, but we should start calling it that.
For the last time that's not what a loosey is.
by Sam is a Dick October 29, 2006
Thanks to the internet, a great form of cheap entertainment.
Damn I love reading retarded conspiracy blogs, thank you free speech.
by Sam is a Dick November 14, 2006
Typically a white person's one black friend, who they are so proud to know and tend to mention as though they won some kind of prize.
We hung out for a while before I realized I was just a trophy minority.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
When a girl gives a guy a small amount of sexual gratification, but withholds the rest until he commits to a relationship.
Last night she gave me the free tour, but I'm definitely gonna subscribe.
by Sam is a Dick November 13, 2006
1: A group of chavs, otherwise known as a crapfestation. Derives from cavalry.

2: When a chav wipes the crumbs off his face and runs a comb through his hair to impress some bird out of his league, but only so he can premature ejaculate on her and brag to his friends about how hard he gave it to her. Derives from chivalry.
Oh jeez who called out the fucking chavalry.

I know he told me I was so beautiful and stole me that diamond ring from that old lady, but I still say it was just an act of chavalry.
by Sam is a Dick October 29, 2006
The same thing as a limousine or latte liberal but on the other end of the spectrum. They talk about people working their way up, but they themselves grew up wealthy and never had a job that daddy's friends didn't set them up with, and wouldn't have kept those jobs on their own. They want the government out of everybody's lives until it's time to parcel out the subsidies.

The only major difference between them and limousine liberals is that they play more golf.
Limo Lib: "Every time I drive my Lexus to Starbucks I feel so sad for all those poor people I see. The government should give them all of someone else's money, as long as it's not mine"

Country Club Conservative: "Oh big deal. They're just too lazy to hire a lobbyist to get money for them."
by Sam is a Dick March 25, 2007

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