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i dunno what that other dude's smoking, the whigs were AGAINST britain, not for it. the american revolutionaries were called whigs after the whigs of britain who were most supportive of liberty, whereas those who supported the british were called tories, for the british party most opposed to liberty. how sad that no one knows these things.
benedict arnold pretended to be a whig, but in reality he was a rank tory
by RowanTheWhig October 24, 2007
Can mean a variety of things depending on how it is used.

Messed up, corney, lame, foul

To Be stupid or say something stupid

To diss someone
Damn, she just whiged yo shit!
by RayRae118 March 30, 2011
proud party set for destruction by powers beyond their control
You whig bastard! get out of my house!
by Maxwell March 20, 2005
An American who, during the American Revolution, supported the British.
Name derives from the British political party (Whig Party) who are now the centre/centre-left Liberal Democrats
"Hank, Billy supports the British"
"You know, Chad, that Billy is a Whig.
by GiantSnowman April 14, 2005
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