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a penis in a banana costume.
Girl: "Did you see Ted's dick? It's uncircumcised!

Ted: "No , it's wearing a banana suit."
by yoloswag420incorporated March 08, 2015
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(of genitals): complete, whole, normal, natural, but implying instead that it is normal to have had the penile prepuce (foreskin) or clitoral prepuce (hood) cut off.
They say he's uncircumcised and he looks perfectly normal to me.
by intactive March 10, 2015
1: A penis the way it's meant to be.

2: A man who has not experienced horrifying pain at birth.

"Jon is uncircumcised, so that's probably why he never got into fights at school; He just wasn't as aggressive as those circumcised kids."
by happyhamsterchan April 12, 2010

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