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The stupidest argument in the history of stupid arguments, between two sides who both tell huge lies. Neither one can concede the fact that everything does everything, Macs do business projects equally well and PCs do creative projects equally well. Macs don't get viruses or worms (usually), PCs have more software written to them.
"Macs or PC's?"

"Why are you bothering me with asking? Go away I hate you I hate your mother too!"
by Sam is a Dick October 17, 2006
A term made up by right-wing liars to refer to anyone who doesn't want to put Muslims into extermination camps. See: most Americans.
We'd have already won the war on ragheads if the fucking Dhimmicrats didn't somehow think that it was "self evident" that "all men are created equal."
by Sam is a Dick November 02, 2006
Six high schoolers who were told to ignore a racially motivated threat against their lives. They retaliated by jumping one of the instigators, beating him unconscious. They were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Apparently a shoe is now a weapon of murder.
The Jena 6 should've finished the job on a kid who thought it was funny to threaten their lives.
by Sam is a Dick October 15, 2007
The reason why gas prices are so high!
All Hummer owners should be sent to Iraq. They want the oil so bad they can get it their damned selves.
by Sam is a Dick March 28, 2007
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