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Every major event since the beginning of time.
Everything thats ever happend was a conspiracy, covered up by the government.
by SluseFA June 09, 2007
Definition cannot be released because the government is keeping it a secret.
There is no conspiracy here, everyone please relax and pay no attention to anyone besides us, we're the only true source of information. = C.I.A.
by HackOtaku May 14, 2009
A theory of another result other than the one fed to one through mainstream lies. It is usually more documented, relevant, logical, and resourceful that what is commonly accepted as the truth surrounding an event.

Also see:
september 11th
osama bin laden
Oswald killed Kennedy alone? No.

It was CIA in conjunction with the military industrial complex.
by InsertMoniker December 28, 2003
1. A secret plan to overthrow a certain group or to do something else illegal or wrong.

2. A different idea/theory of why something (usually bad) happened, rather than the one which people are told.
1. A group of young men decided to conspire against their government.

2. 9/11 has many conspiracy theories surrounding it.
by theforgottenspark January 11, 2007
an association of more than one person working together towards a shared goal (usually implies but doesn't require secrecy)
- we've found a cure for cancer yesterday!
- Great! that's the 3rd one this week, go patent it and put in the archives along with the others so our profits from making people survive longer with the condition are safe.
-- a guy from the pharmaceutical industry conspiracy to another.
by anataka December 04, 2007
When you find something you don't completely understand, add aliens, and quote mine a few officials on a webpage and ask for donations.
Area 51... anything made with advanced metal MUST be involved with an alien conspiracy, DUH.
by Tom Scaret July 29, 2009
A theory as to why a major or minor event has occurred.
The theory may be truthful, or at least plausible, but the message of said theory may be propagated with fear, suspicion, and paranoia.
It is to note that conspiracy is NOT synonymous with truth, as some would like you to believe.
Conspiracies may also be deceitful as well, though they may seem to be completely honest.
9/11 is supposedly an inside job, even though people seem to forget that thousands of FBI agents, firefighters, demolition experts, scientists, CIA, rescue workers, police, airline pilots, NSA, The majority of the House Of Representatives, air traffic control, and the entire Bush administration would undoubtedly know about it and yet refuse to expose it.
Hence being a conspiracy
by Taco Roco August 24, 2009
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