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We all know who he is. I blew him.
I blew Ben Stiller. Then we did massive coke. Real horror show
by Andi February 17, 2005
A guy from the Howard Stern show with a really High-pitched voice that sounds like a woman.
Who's High Pitch? This is Kelly Clarkson. If you like my definitions....give me 1000 thumbs up for my quest. Thanks and Bababooey to you!
by Andi March 17, 2005
Getting the hell outta somewhere
"Yo I am outtie sucka"
by Andi September 09, 2003
What they call a Big Mac in France
You know what I learned from Pulp Fiction?
What's that?
I learned what they call a Big Mac in France.
What might that be?
Le Big Mac.
Wow. Le Big Mac. I'm glad you told me that. That would be some knowledgeable information to place in my noggen for future reference, especially if I visit France.
by Andi March 03, 2005
1. nothing
"you got fiddy bucks foo"
"naw i aint got nadda"
by andi September 09, 2003
A new way of keeping ASS-STUPID definitions off Urbandictionary.com
Let's see if Editing will stop all these stupid definitions from getting on this site. While you're reading this--please sign my 1000 thumbs up site. Thanks. Peace out.
by Andi March 14, 2005
When you brush someone off saying this, but meaning you TOTALLY don't agree with whatever it is they said.
Hey--you know O.J. Simpson did NOT kill his wife.
by Andi February 14, 2005

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