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Something that someone wants to know, but they don't NEED to know. They have NOTHING to do with it! Not their business at all.
Hey what were you talking about to that guy?
We were discussing a Cheese Meeting.
What's a Cheese Meeting?
You know? One that is Nacho Business!
by Andi February 10, 2005
When you have to shit so badly that you feel the turtle running for the finishline before you can run to the toilet!
Yo beyatch don't mean to cut you short, but I'm having a call of duty and I needs to find the John Pronto!! Ya dizzle?
by Andi February 18, 2005
A way to tell someone that they're ugly. Sometimes just used in playin'.
Your face looks like your butt.
Say what?
Your face looks like your butt.
Say what?
by Andi February 10, 2005
What you sat according to The Howard Stern show if the flu calls you up on the phone, so you don't get it, and instead, it dies.
The flu called Beth O but luckily Artie Lange grabbed the phone and said "Shoo shoo retarded flu" and the flu went far away.
That's great, but what was Artie doing with Beth O anyways?
Um...er...uh...well....Preventing her from getting the flu, and you should be damn well grateful for that!
by Andi February 16, 2005
A tasty licorice whip treat that comes in Licorice, cherry, strawberry, grape, and my all time favorite, chocolate. Made by Hershey.
Twizzlers kick ass bro. Anyone that doesn't like Twizzlers, should have someone stick one where the sun don't shine, do some in and outs with it, THEN taste it, slappy! You'll be sayin' them Twizzlers is God!
by Andi February 14, 2005
"A chick who is cold hearted, vicious, prude.
"I cant get the hook up the girl is an Ice Princess"
by Andi September 09, 2003
Tiny town in Colorado where the buffalo don't roam. Everyone knows everyone and Rosebud's coffee is awesome! In between Boulder and Longmont.
Duuude what are we going to do today? Want to go to Niwot and hang out with some kids from Niwot High? HELL YEA
by Andi April 18, 2004

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