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A severely overpriced 13th birthday party for a Jewish kid, for graduating Hebrew School. The damn thing ususlly cost's thousnads and thousands of dollars, and is basically a way of saying "my kid is just a spoiled rotten jew, and I'm rich so nanny nanny foo foo".
Hey--you going to Ivan's Bar Mitzvah?
Nah--I don't need to be with those stuck up jewy mutha fukkas.
Word-let's get some cheeseburgers.
by Andi March 07, 2005
Just when things can't possibly get worse....THEY GET WORSE!!!! Defining life at it's worst, or so you think!
My week? You ask about my week? My finacee's uncle died, my neice is in the hospital, I have leukemia, my car is crapping out and I'm piss ass broke. A real, horror show.
by Andi February 09, 2005
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