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one who works for Microsoft
I thought James was going to take the job with Sony, but he chose to be a Microsoftie instead.
by hadal September 12, 2004
28 3
It's what Bill Gates has when he gets out of bed in the morning!
See: Small Penis

Bills Wife: God Bill thats a Microsoftie I see there!

Bill: I'm working on a program in C++ to increase the size.
by Derick Knobcheese September 15, 2004
26 15
M$ Fan boy, always states that M$ are the best and cant be beaten
Guy2: YA MUM!
by Arkz September 12, 2004
20 11
(n)1. One who relies soley on Microsoft products and services.
2. A microsoft user who has not downloaded relevant security patches, thus making them an easy target for viri and the like.
Laird is a microsoftie. He's gotten five viruses in hte last month because he ignores the security patches.
by Tomas September 13, 2004
8 5
*One who highly endorses Microsoft.

*One who works for Microsoft.
"I'd like to be a Microsoftie and work for millions of bucks a day. ^.^ "
by Dave September 13, 2004
5 4
Someone with their heads too far up their asses to relize that MS Windows is one fucked up, half-assed piece of software.
Dude? You don't think Microsoft should be punished for violating anti-trust laws? Fuckin Microsoftie!
by Chas September 11, 2004
3 3
A very small understimulated clitoris.
After fingering Cami's clit for an endless length of time he looked up her snatch and saw a microsoftie lying limp as a noodle
by B. Lee September 12, 2004
1 4