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Fresh snow fall "powder" on top of a previos days powder.
"its a great day for boarding with all the pow pow"
by andi September 09, 2003
Friend I Would Do....(pronounced FOOD) A friend that you've NEVER had sexual relations with, but sometimes wonder "what if"....
Hey Andi, I went to Starbucks with Chris MacAvey last night.
For REAL Re? Damn....he's F.I.W.D.
You know it girl! Sweet sweet candy!!!
by Andi February 15, 2005
A sex club in the city where people go to have sex, be watched having sex, have orgys, swap, give blow jobs to anyone that sticks a cock in their mouths, and then enjoy a meal at the nice buffet while trying to win broadway show tickets.
Hey---where did you get the Cabaret tickets? They're front row! Cool where'd you get them?
Well...it's really Nacho Business but for the record, I got them at Le Trapese.
by Andi February 10, 2005
The greatest invention on the PLANET! Maybe in the GALAXY! A wall plug in back massager that you use for (eh-hem) well, NOT BACK massaging....rather an all together DIFFERENT type of MASSAGE if your gettin my drizzle!
Mmmmmmmmmm. Me so horny. Quick, plug in the ZX2000. Mmmmmmmmm. ZX2000. What would I EVER do if there was a blackout?
by Andi February 10, 2005
cool, good, groovy
1)thats so citro! 2) its not citro but its ok. 3) im citro and you?
by andi January 19, 2004
When life just can't get any worse.Real horror show Can be resolved if men keep baby wipes in their car, so when that "urine trickle" comes out after they finish making peeps, they can clean themselves correctly.
Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you can make lemonade...but sometimes the world just gives you some Urine Soaked Cock!
by Andi February 17, 2005
Ballsack sweat accumulation
When Tom went jogging....he was sportin' some Cheese from Under. Support my cause. Read 1000 thumbs up and holla.
by Andi March 24, 2005
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