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When you brush someone off saying this, but meaning you TOTALLY don't agree with whatever it is they said.
Hey--you know O.J. Simpson did NOT kill his wife.
by Andi February 14, 2005
49 21
"yeah + ok" or "yo + ok"

Whenever someone is feeling really laid-back and they just don't give a shit about what is going on. Or, they just want to rifle off a quick text message response because they have plenty of other things to do with their life. Very sarcastic.
girl: "You are such a fucking douche."
me: "Yokay. I'm gonna go fuck mad slam pieces."

girl: "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....I'll see you tonight."
by man of steele September 12, 2010
20 6
Can be said when you want to greet someone in a semi affectionate way and also acknowledge them with a positive response.
Vanilla Ice: hey mofo you wanna go get some squeezy cheese homie?
Ash: yokay mofro
14 8
combination of you and okay
allison: katie pushed me down the stairs!
kyle: oh god, y'okay?
by aliviaaa June 28, 2011
7 3
A quicker and easier to say combination of 'yeah' and 'okay'. Used when you just don't care enough to say the whole thing.
"I'll be out for a while."
by Spontaneous Doofy Implosion January 14, 2009
6 7
An expression of great enthusiasm and agreement, more suited to the summer months, lycra wearers and users of the word Rad.
by Blackframes November 04, 2010
0 4
Mean you ok

are a hot are sexy person
Are you yokay.

A you see that yokay.
by Seph yogo February 05, 2009
4 11