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To beat the hell outta someone; to hit, slap, kick; to mess someone up
Hey, you little cunt, give me you lunch money or I'll brush you.

If you dey sit next 2 a gurl who say ur breath dey stink, waitin you gon do??You go brush- am
by Dr.Dru August 04, 2007
72 36
A hair tool that is used for female masterbation....specifically for Nicole Terry.
Nikki got really horny in the shower and used a brush to masterbate with
by Nick April 27, 2004
83 70
a slang used in place of beat.
That guy was feeling to fly with himself,but stopped when he was brushed by his class mate.
by iycepuff January 07, 2009
21 12
Jamaican gangster expression meaning to murder someone
Mek mi go brush dat bwoy deh
by Ice Dog April 14, 2004
49 42
good, cool, fresh
Your shoes are so brush.
by lynbaee May 18, 2011
11 10
1. (noun) A tool that is run across surfaces to clean or style it in some manner. See hair brush, tooth brush, etc. Made of tiny bristles or teeth that scrape dirt out, scratch the surface, and remove loose things.

2. (verb) To run an appropriate brush across the surface it was designed for, the process of cleaning.

3. (noun) Loose vegetation (often dead) found low to the ground.

4. (verb) To loosely touch without purpose.
I bought a brush today.
I brushed my teeth with my tooth brush.
I brushed my hair with my hair brush.
When the bear ran at me, I hid in the brush.
I brushed her arm as I passed by.
I apologized, and then brushed past her as I took the only means out of the room.
by Jordan Hill August 10, 2004
21 20
a combination of "band" and "crush" - a band or musician that you currently can't stop listening too. Past or present.
Been really digging that new album from The Lone Bellow; they're my current brush.

Just rediscovered the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" on vinyl, I'm totally brushing on it right now. Been playing it non-stop.
by mishAle February 15, 2013
5 6