Your when describing a buff black man that's straight but acts gay so often that you're not sure if they are gay.
Random black guy grabs your ass in the hallway.
Grabee goes into class and says: nigga i just got my ass grabbed by that Brokeback Gorilla dating those three girls at the same time.
by Macadocious12344 August 03, 2011
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A term usually used by the muslim youth in Australia, to define someone who recently has masturbated,, sexual intercourse or simple ejaculated and hasn't purified himself for religious practices. An abbreviation for the arabic/turkish word "Janabat".
No-wonder he got in trouble by his parents, he told me his been JB for three days .
by Ossie Bastard December 05, 2017
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Noun, when a person has been filled with a large amount out of Cum they simply cannot take anymore, '
she was such cumfludge after last night's orgy.'
by Mr marvellous February 25, 2018
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A really cool person once you get to know her. She can seem a little snotty and stuck up at times and seem like she thinks she’s better than people, but she really doesn’t. At times, she might just not know what to say. Nicole is very beautiful inside and out and she has a really good heart. If you’re friends with a Nicole, stick with her, because she will be your friend to the end.
Nicole is such a bad bitch, I love being friends with her.
by MyNameIsScooby February 25, 2019
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