"dope fiend" does not mean a pothead. Weed is only called dope by those who have never done any drugs, and a fiend is someone hopelessly addicted to a substance so much that they would suck a strangers dick for it.
by 'sup P November 23, 2004
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I don't know where everyone else got there definitions for laying pipe. However laying pipe is simply fucking the hell out of a girl.
Will;what are you doing this weekend
Guy;probally laying pipe to my girl.
by William Waldrep June 03, 2005
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USA: A neutral term to refer to clumsiness. Unlike its UK counterpart, this has absolutely no negative connotations

UK: An incredibly derogatory term referring to people with cerebral palsy, in a similar way retarded is often used as an insult around the world.
Imagine a wobbly train acting crazy


American Student: "Man, that train is so spastic."
American Teacher: "Yeah. It probably needs some fixing."

British Student: "Wow! That train is spastic."
British Teacher: "Derogatory slurs in class? DETENTION!"
by udusers1 November 11, 2014
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A term professional gamers (be they simple gamers or streamers) in top competitive games, most commonly Overwatch, use to compliment an action in game. Mostly used as a joke, and is most often always genuine praise. Derived from the Korean pronunciation of 'nice'.
SlayerGramps: *gets a quad kill*
DSPStanky: Naisu!
by toroknight June 13, 2017
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EL Cucuy is a Mexican urban legend. Legend says it that once upon a time a father was really angry at his kids for misbehaving. As a matter of punishment, he decided to lock his kids in his closet to learn their lesson. After a while, he decided to go to town and run some errands but he forgot to take his kids out of the closet. When he came back from the town he saw that his barn and his house caught on fire which killed the kids and the father was cursed. In disbelief, he decided to look for his kids in many closets. It has been years from look for his kids and started growing an appetite for them. Now he hunts kids and hides in closets at night waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Or the definition is A Mexican legend often used for misbehaved children saying that he will get them at night if they don't behave. Also, legend has it that whoever hears the true legend will catch a glimpse of him at night, SLEEP WELL.
EL Cucuy te va llevar al bosque y comerte si no te comportas.
The Cucuy will take you to the forest and eat you if you don't behave.
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fuck with me.
Its like saying talk to me or get at me.
Yall I'm now on FB so FWM.
Imma text yu later, so FWM.
by darealdude3 July 07, 2010
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