Response used a lot on facebook chats. Means: "Love(d) This/That" in agreement/support with whatever was posted.
Something funny is posted. (ie a kitten nipping a puppy)

LT TY <--- Love that. Thank you.

LT TYSVM! <--- Loved this. Thank you so very much!
by Richard98402 May 16, 2013
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A 30+ year old virgin.
James became 30 on February 2nd, 2012 and was still a virgin. He was now a wizard, and so he decided to post the definition on urban dictionary.
by herpaderpajerka February 01, 2012
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If there is "no love lost" between two people, they have a strong hatred, hostility, or enmity for the other person, and make no attempt to conceal it.
Son, I'm aware that there's no love lost between you and your cousin Bob, but we'll be staying at my brother's lake house all week, so you'd better not ruin our family vacation by fighting!
by Eldorean May 27, 2009
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sentences in lyrical hiphop songs
sentences that rhyme with each other

300 bars is 300 sentences that rhyme

by lux fero January 03, 2006
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A creepy relationship between a white male and an Asian female that is predicated on (1) the white male fetishizing the Asian female as an exotic sex object and (2) the Asian female being desperate for approval from white males because she feels internalized racism toward her own race.
Hollywood frequently pushes WMAF couples in commercials, television shows, and films as a subtle form of propaganda.
by Donald Scum October 14, 2018
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In Hindi:Behen Ke Lode.
In English: Sisters dick.

***Facebook Chat***
1: Hi, Whats up?
2: BKL!!
by Spandyman September 08, 2012
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