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used at the end of words to make them longer. instead of saying "It's taking too looooooonnnggggg." you would say, "It's taking too long~" Periods are rarely used after. Used by literates and occasionally preps.

can also be used as an exclamation point. originates from, well, the buttons being next to each other.
Example 1

Why is this line so long? It's boring me~

Example 2

I can't wait~~!
by SKAlamandar August 04, 2007
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1. Used for flirting, sexual activity, etc.

2. Sarcasm, Smartass like.

3. The button to open console in FPS games. Usually used in Source games.
1: Guy: Mmmh, you enjoyed that~

2: Guy: Dude, do you like CoD
Guy 2: Yea, i sure like that game~

3: Guy: hur hur, let me use cheat codes in Half Life 2! *clicks "~"* Hm...Sv_cheats 1, Impulse 101...F YEAH!
by Zombie101 January 17, 2012
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Tilde, followed by a number, a date, an amount, or a similar expression means "around", "circa", "more or less". Used on discussion boards.
He must be ~20 years now.
Yesterday I had ~10 combos above 400 in icy tower.
by Vizazo November 06, 2008
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The tilde (~) is used several ways.

1. It can be use in chat to make a word seem longer, such as in example 1.

2. It can also be used in chat to clarify sarcasm, as in example 2.

3. This key is very commonly the "console" key in most flash games that are editable.
1. This lecture is so~ long (instead of sooooooooo long)

2. I'm so sure~ -or- I bet it is~

3. Any flash games.
by KingYuan June 27, 2009
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Used when something is meant to be taken sarcastically, since sarcasm is usually over looked when it isn't used while speaking. It can either be used in front or at the end of a phrase. Commonly used on message boards.
Girl 1: Sam went to the jonas brothers concert last night. I'm so jealous of her.
Girl 2: OMG that's soo cool~
by fnjdsfnsdkjn May 23, 2008
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1.) Used to indicate sarcasm over text, chat, or other message boards.

2.) Used when someone says nice when texting to indicate that it's also chill.
1.) "I can't wait until biology class ~"

2.) "Nice~"
by NYC Cops Ain't To Smart September 30, 2011
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The character ~ is colloquially used in written form in some areas of the UK to denote sleazy, sordid, or otherwise base behaviour.

~ can also cover flirtatious behaviour with the opposite sex: you are never ~ with the same sex.

An ability to ~ is generally viewed as being a positive personality trait, unless it is used on a friend's mother, grandmother, or domestic animal. Being ~ to a friend's sister is usually acceptable.

~ is also the mystic rune of the send-it organisation.

The vast majority of the world's virgins, comic book fanatics, computer scientists, and train spotters wish they had some ~.

I was nervous before my interview, but she was a woman so I gave it some ~ and got the job.

Remember that bird last night? I gave her some heavy ~ and she loved it.
by Batt Marker April 24, 2006
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