The squiggly line that furries use at the end of sentences to sound cute/horny.
UwU "Knot me wolf daddy~"

"What the actual fuck, stop using tilde like that"
by Djangus January 16, 2020
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Sometimes used when IMing or on forums to denote trailing off or accentuating the final syllable of a word.
Note the use of extra letters preceding the tilde to complete the effect.
I can't waitt~

haha I love you tooo~

*Note the use of extra letters preceding the tilde to complete the effect
by Preset Mode April 28, 2006
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The character ~ is colloquially used in written form in some areas of the UK to denote sleazy, sordid, or otherwise base behaviour.
~ can also cover flirtatious behaviour with the opposite sex: you are never ~ with the same sex.
An ability to ~ is generally viewed as being a positive personality trait, unless it is used on a friend's mother, grandmother, or domestic animal. Being ~ to a friend's sister is usually acceptable.
The vast majority of the world's virgins, comic book fanatics, computer scientists, and train spotters wish they had some ~.
Remember that bird last night? I gave her some heavy ~ and she loved it.


I was nervous before my interview, but she was a woman so I gave it some ~ and got the job.
by I've got some ~ for you August 22, 2005
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Most beautiful, sexy and the nicest person in the world! You really wanna be friend with her. Always rocking her Calvin Kleins ofc! She is the queen of the dance floor. Maybe a elite dancer. She's really flexible to. She's so winning every competition.
Hey who is that girl dancing over there? She's really good!

Oh that's Tilde! She's pretty hot huh?
by Saraand December 13, 2016
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Tilde is an Amazing person. Also known as God or druglord.

Pretty instable and surrounded by instable persons. But still Amazing tho.

Confused af, and is in love with Molly. Great friend, Always tries to help people around her.
Was smart wen she was younger but the something happend.
Did u see Tilde at that party? She was fucked but u could see she hade a damn good time.
by Katt17 October 20, 2017
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