A phrase used by the orcs in Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3. The phrase is used for yes yes.
Orc Soldier: Get to work!
Orc Peon: Zug-zug.
by NongagXam January 11, 2003
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Cavespeak for "having sex", "Do you want to have sex," "sex," or any reference to sex. (From "Caveman", the Ringo Starr / Dennis Quaid 1981 prehistoric comedy.)
Cavespeak has no grammar or sentence structure (or written form). Therefore only uses of zug-zug are: "Zug-Zug?" "Zug-Zug." or "Zug-Zug!"
by Sagebrush April 11, 2003
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This is a phrase in Orcish that has come to be used in English phrasiology, much like the French 'C'est la vie.' Used originally by Orcs who had a tendancy to slip into their native tongue, having only learned English so that human players would understand them.
Okay, the hand poked me, and then poked the ground. Time to acknowlege it.
"Zug Zug!"
by John B. May 25, 2003
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the old movie Caveman, with ringo starr and an all star cast, zug zug was the term for sex.
Everyone in the movie Caveman, wanted to "zug zug," Lana,
by Ima.AssOe June 21, 2014
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the act of procreation, to have sexual intercourse, or as Barry White would say "Let's get it on".
"Atouk zug-zug Lana" from the film Caveman starring Ringo Star, Barbara Bach, Dennis Quaid, and Shelley Long.
by John-Mark Stephenson June 30, 2003
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N. A stategy called out by members of the Orc race in Warcraft, which in English means "Produce, Produce!!!."

This stategy is implemented by creating 5 barracks and constantly producing 2-headed Ogres thus making it almost impossible to lose. An advanced use of this stategy involves attacking a rookie within the first 5 minutes of the game resulting in an emphatic "Holy Shit!!!!"
"Zug Zug"..."WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!!!!"
by Todd November 27, 2002
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