A soft person, pussy, lame individual
These niggas some peons
by flocking April 9, 2017
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A member of an occupation, which requires little professional skill or education. Contemporary examples of such professionals include: industrial assembly line worker, farm laborer, and Senator in the United States Congress.
"I am a lowely peon in the system"
by nethcev! August 27, 2006
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A snobbish term used by stupid, ignorant people for working class members of society. There are many other derogatory terms for them; grunt, bitch, little people, a whole bunch of names. A peon is someone with a crappy job, the menial jobs that no one wants. A "peon" may not always constitute a person with a low end job, but rather just someone who's at the bottom of their line of work. Only ass holes use this term.
Bridezilla: "Daddy! I need someone to sweep this floor! Who's he?"

Monopoly Guy: "He's our Peon. He'll sweep the floor dear. Get to work stupid!"
by TheOnlySmartOne March 25, 2010
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One who whips out their penis in the middle of a Jay-Z concert and fails to piss into a cylindrical shape, such as a water bottle, thus urinating on eccentric black men in front of them.
Person 1: Dear Christ, Greg just pissed all over that black man.
Person 2: What a Peon!
by jkelly30 August 12, 2010
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Purple, neon light. Found in most townships. Used to hunt bats in evening sky.
My peon makes hunting for bats so much easier than my bow and arrow.
by The Princesses February 17, 2011
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Someone who gets blamed for things that aren't really their fault.

To be annoying and silly. i.e 'Christ, you're such a peon. piss off'
'shit. they captured the flag. It was that bloody peon Fred's fault'
by Fredex November 22, 2004
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