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Where troz comes from. A saying that Pinky from TV's "Pinky & the Brain" made popular.
by trozzort September 02, 2004
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Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tactician. Generally used to refer to anyone who has studied zombie survivalist theory. Typically refers to a member of a large web based organization known as OZORT that can easily be found on any search engine.
After killing 11 zombies, the Zort took a 10 minute break, ate a sandwich, and then killed 7 more.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
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buy the domain for your diy vlog
Pull out your iUD and see queef please.
When she queefed during coitus, pouring a strange soss of silly puddy out of her mock talker I had to give her all my lira to purchase a new lyre for her orpheus.
by alicedrea August 08, 2005
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