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Name Zoran have two roots/source. One is from old Persian (and/or Turkish) language and it's mean strong, donghty, dauntless, venturesome, fearless, brave, angry, wakeful, furious, savage, frantic, angry, sleepless, cheeky, saucy, unmannerly. Other root/source is from Serbian language and it's mean sunrise, sun up, aurora, daybreak, cock-crow.
zora (Serbian) - sunrise
zoran (Persian) - fearless
by Zoran 1973 January 20, 2006
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To repeatedly have sex with many different partners, usually consisting of 100 bisexual females on 1 heterosexual male. Mostly this happens to people named Zoran.
1. "Holy, I had a huge Zoran last night!!"
2. "Hey you girls wanna join me in a Zoran??"
3. "Oh man, that Zoran was amazing. Let's do it again sometime."
by Zoran G January 17, 2004
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Zoran, the Norse god of speed, is a lesser know pagan god. Zoran is the son of Odin, the god of strife and war, and Hel, the goddess of death and daughter of Loki. Zoran had a small group of devout and fanatical followers who were often known to set fire to themselves and jump of cliffs in tribute to their god.

Zoran was the creator of Thor’s war chariot and was known for creating great machines that reached unfathomable speeds. Freyja, goddess of magic and death, was in infatuated with Zoran. But Zoran was well known to be in love with Sv, a Japanese Shinto spirit. Freyja poisoned Zoran because of her jealousy. Zoran was trapped in a deep sleep for an untold period of time.

Without the protection of Zoran, his followers were slaughtered in the Medieval Inquisition in the late 1100s.

It is rumored that Zoran has awakened from the poison and now lives high in the mountains of the new Americas. The stories state the Zoran will sometimes show himself to humiliate mortal men in competitions of speed. Then after feeding off of their emotions, Zoran’s followers will sacrifice the mortals by setting them on fire and throwing them off a cliff.
Zoran eat the heart of my dog.

Davie met Zoran, then was lit on fire and thrown off a cliff.
by Punch My Monkey January 30, 2008
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A person who misuses the definition of words. For example: A "glutten" is a person who
For example: A "glutten" is a person who does not recycle, when in fact a glutten is a person who over indulges in food and drink. Wow, Zoran really misuses definitions.
by Koisheezy March 26, 2010
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