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The contemporary version of a 16th or 17th Century witch hunt. The art of chasing down goths, Wiccans, and/or emos, and beating them mercilessly. Inquisitions are usually undertaken by those who are sick of their "witch shit." Proper garb for a true member of the inquisition is an all black or crimson robe adorned with a cross to drive the heathens away and preventing retaliation. Inquisitors also frequently carry bats, crossbows and sledgehammers to hunt down their quasi undead, soon to be dead prey.
Tonight I am organizing an inquisition, we are going to raid the cafe and the indie bookstore up the street.
by Curtis Lemar April 21, 2010
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An organization made by the Catholic Church. It is a common misconception that the Pope ran Europe and tortured unbelievers or sinners and that there was no separation of Church and State. This is untrue, however, in fact, medieval Lords were hunting down Bishops and killing them for standing in the way of the Lords doing what it is claimed the inquisition did. The inquisition was formed essentially just to give unbelievers a voice and a chance to say that they will repent before the medieval Lords would say, "Time is up" and come take the unbeliever and kill him. The inquisition was actually known to be rather humane and would try everything to protect unbelievers from the Kings and Lords. England eventually of course developed the printing press and blurred the lines with propaganda to make it appear that the inquisition were the ones doing the horrible acts and that the medieval Lords were Bishops.
Inquisition: Alright, we heard you do not believe in Jesus, we ask that you repent.

Unbeliever: I don't wish to become a Christian, it is not my will.

*Weeks later*

*Medieval Lord decides time is up and comes*

Medieval Lord: Has he repented!?

Inquisition: Well... Uh... no...

Medieval Lord: GET OUT OF MY WAY!

*Medieval Lord has knights drag unbeliever out where they take him to his death*

Also, just saying, atheists who believe that the inquisition was actually evil are just believing protestant propaganda, or more, "Ignorant Christianity".
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by Mr. big E. July 06, 2018
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