To take a plastic bottle poke a joint through the hole in it and then make two more holes to put your thumb and finger over you cover them and inhale until the bottle fills up then let go of them and inhale and enjoy.
I want to get trashed, lets do a zoomy or two.
by matthewkevingray August 11, 2007
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the gud old shroomsss
yo u tryed those zoomies u get a mad trip of them
by Thrillz February 18, 2005
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Of, relating to, or involving psilocybin mushrooms.
After a zoomy walk down by the river, I like to refresh myself with a tailings pond.
by rpn453 January 10, 2011
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1. A really hot gay guy from the British Isles. Usually with definite Irish origins.

2. A slang term for gay sex.
Guy 1 "You see that guy over there?"
Guy 2 "Who that guy?"
Guy 1 "Yeah! What do you think of him?"
Guy 2 "He is damn Zoomy!"
Guy 1 "I know! I wouldn't mind zoomying him right now!"
Guy 2 "Can I Zoomy with you and that Zoomy?"
Guy 1 "Sure!"
by ZoomyUK September 10, 2010
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Spacey; out-of-it; removed from one's surroundings.
"Ugh, that Vicodin made me really zoomy."
by Laur June 22, 2003
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When you wake up after a long night of drinking and your still a little drunk zoomies is that fuzzy feeling.
Man I drank to much last night, I,ve got the zoomies.
by J,Campbell April 05, 2007
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Zoomy: noun - reputable looking shirt that you can quickly throw on before the start of a video conference.
Usage: Just got my zoomy on in time for the customer call - bonus that it had the company logo on it.
by fh2020 April 28, 2020
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