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A term used to refer to the US Air Force.
Damn those jarheads, squids, and dogfaces; zoomies are better.
by l4ur3n October 11, 2006
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The term by which a cadet at USAFA is commonly know among jealous civilians
That zoomie is really, really, really, ridiculously good looking and is also so damn smart. I wish I was with that zoomie.
by Cadet X October 13, 2005
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when you make farting noises with your mouth on someone's body, creating a tickling effect, causing laughter.
She gave me a zoomie on my stomach.
by Ahlyzik May 28, 2006
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what USNA midshipman call the students at the offcial U.S. Government school for desk jobs and golfing (the U.S. Chair Force Academy)
Navy beat those zoomies again in football
by MDR August 22, 2006
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A large plastic bottle with two holes burnt into it, one at the base and one at the "dome" of the bottle. A spliff is then inserted into the hole at the base, and someone sucks through the top of the bottle while holding the other hole, which is usualy refered to as the "hit" hole. You toke through the bottle whilst holding the hit hole until the bottle fills up with smoke or "creams". Then, you take your finger off the hit hole and suck in as much smoke as you can. This shit fucks you up, try it some time.
Dude, lemme get a hit of your zoomie.
by Tokeson January 04, 2010
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