A repeated process of checking yourself out in the mirror and making sure you look hot at every possible angle, all while pouting your lips together to form one of Derrek Zoolander's facial looks (i.e. Blue Steel or Magnum).
J.R. needs to stop zoolandering himself all day long because his attention has been sidetracted away from Robyn.
by R. Dubb April 8, 2008
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BEST MOVIE EVER. If you dont think so you are most likely retarted, and I dont like you.
A: "That girl just said she hates Zoolander".
B: "Stupid Bitch".
by smart sob February 7, 2006
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when people die in a freak gasoline fight accident on a trip to get orange mocha frappaccinos
Shit, we were on our way to get orange mocha frappaccinos but we blewup instead. We were totally Zoolandered.
by Rick James IV May 1, 2015
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When one fails to do the "zoolander pose" miserably. Aka Darcey's version of the "zoolander pose" from the movie Zoolander. Basically, Darcey raises his eyebrows in a retarded fashion instead of giving the cool appearance of the real "zoolander pose". This definitly makes him look extrememly douchey.
Guy 1: Alright i am taking the picture.

Guy 2: Wait up, i thing we're going to have to do that one over, I'm pretty sure i just pulled the "Darcey Zoolander".You know, when you have your eyebrows raised in a retarded fashion. Remember, Darcey was the first to do it hence the name "Darcey Zoolander."

Guy 1: Hahaha you did, man i'm sorry, we have to take this one over otherwise you'll look like a major douche bag!

Guy 2: Yeah i know, shut up.
by ChrisFow July 11, 2008
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A Male Model
3% Body Fat. 1% Brain Activity
Played by Ben Stiller (the funniest guy in the whole wide world!)
"There's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking."
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when someone continues to pull the exact same face in every photograph taken of them, like the character Derek Zoolander.

Pulling a zoolander means every inch of the expression is the same in five or more photographs, similar to Vanessa Hudgens when she tries to pout.
You've pulled the same face in about 5 photographs! Stop pulling a Zoolander.
by RandomRobskii January 18, 2010
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Debra: Oh my gosh look at that guy near the KFC! He's such a hottie! Jenny: More than a hottie. He's a total Derek Zoolander!
by Baboon110792 March 14, 2009
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