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a hella legitimate female whose name is made by taking the end of the word "dar" (suffix of radar), and the sound "C". a very intuitive young lady, often mistaken for being shy, or introverted because she's always laughing at you in her head. or laughing at her own thoughts about your interactions or the general reality that is. Darcey always has wonderful insight, and usually can make you laugh if you're willing to spend a little time with her. Once she warms up, you'll want her around forever. Often people state that other people look like Darcey, but aren't actually as cool. Darcey can relate to nearly anyone anywhere, she sort of like the glue that binds things together, especially during tough times. Most people are suprised by her once they get to know her, because she's always got something to bring to the table, like the icing on the cake. Anyone can talk to Darcey and be understood, but that doesnt mean Darcey walks around talking to everyone. She's usually either one step ahead, or two steps too late, and happy either way.
man, i wish my girlfriend was legit like Darcey.
by ised December 01, 2010
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Beautiful, young girl. Very outgoing and a good sense of humour. Sticks up for her and her friends- always takes one for the team. Darcey always has a smile on her face and is never nasty about anybody. Enjoys garlic bread, watching Netflix and tv shows. Doesn't have many friends but is extremely tight with those that she loves. Complete wifey material!
"I got a new girlfriend last week, she's a real Darcey!"
by Tatianna.x.x.x June 22, 2017
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An attractive girl who is intelligent and witty. Often caught reading a book, a Darcey may come off as standoffish but is simply quite introverted. Darcey's warm up immensely when you get to know them.
by cerulean87 May 04, 2009
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Darceys are mysterious creatures who will make you laugh at everything they say. Seriously. They're very involved with the environment, and will often tell you about a new drive that PETA or WWF is doing, or maybe about how she wants to buy a panda on a carousel. Darceys like wedding dresses like princesses would wear, specifically ones that Cinderella would wear. Darceys have a way with words and can often offend people in subtle ways, which is good if you're on her side. Overall, Darceys are awesome and amazing unicorns.
Darcey: We should organize a big fundraiser like a change drive to raise money for a shelter or the WWF and then everyone will love us.
Jackie: Darcey, you're such a Darcey!
by AppleJackie December 08, 2011
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A very cute and pure human who is adorable and can make friends with anyone.

Often adds the letter โ€˜yโ€™ or the letters โ€˜lesโ€™ on the end of words without meaning to.

Darcey is an overall โ€˜cute beanโ€™
That girl is really cute, must be a Darcey.
by Bunbunboy May 21, 2018
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A really really pretty girl. Blonde hair blue eyes. Extremely sexy, Attractive and amazing personality!!
Boy: I feel in love there must be a Darcey near by.
by Sprinklebecky1999 January 10, 2017
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darcey, the most amazing boyfriend/bestfriend anyone could ever wish for. he's very lovable and extremely easy to fall for. he's so thoughtfull and helpfull and knows how to treat a girl perfectly. you can joke around with him and he's so down to earth. if you ever find a darcey, keep him, trust me, it's worth it!
girl 1: ah my boyfriend is so amazing.

girl 2: he must be a darcey!
by jhadkhflakjhflkjhadflkjhsdkljh January 09, 2012
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